Lake Elementaita

This week, on Monday, I got a chance to go on a photography safari to lake Elementaita with the One touch photography crew. It was an amazing experience, both in terms of shots taken and the scenery itself. The journey started at 5:30am so as to arrive at Limuru from Nairobi at around 6:35am to get to see and capture the sunset from Kinare forest. It was freezing at that time..but we did not let that turn us down, shots were taken..after all, that was our main business there. Afterwards, had an interesting breakfast…then headed to the Kariandusi prehistoric site and learnt a lot about early man and pre-historic stuff. It got me into thinking what was Mr.Leakey doing when he discovered and started unearthing these artefacts, some random guy on a stroll…

Regardless, we are happy for what he unearthed, because its with this information that we were able to understand the time before our time. next stop was Kikopey.Lunch time 🙂 then headed to Elementaita and waited for the sunset…our hopes nearly vanished when it started raining which continued on for a while, but just when the sun was going down the sky cleared up and we snapped away.


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