The falls

this week on #shoot kenya, some group of photographers decided to head to thika direction and take shots of the waterfalls and enjoy the scenery.

As usual 5:30 was the go time.we were planning to get shots of the sunrise on the new thika-nairobi highway but things did not go as planned. We instead had an intresting debate with a wells fargo security team on camera matters. After bidding them goodbye we set off to the already happened sunrise.

Thika is awesome, small city but very organised and clean compared to our capital,plus they got good pork too. We made our fist photography stop at Chania falls, did a decent to the base of the fall then made the hard climb up (enough workout for a month). On the opposite side of the fall was Thika falls, which was as spectacular as this one, the canopy on that place acted as a huge softbox so the lighting was perfect.

The scene was so perfect that i dropped my camera in the water. That was the end of the trip for it. But all was not lost, i still had my eyes. Later on in the afternoon we headed to fourteen falls which was abit far from thka. and spent time shooting till sunset.

Here are some photos i managed to get.forgot to mention, this time round i had a tripod,so panoramas were a more handheld ones.

enjoy šŸ™‚


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