Wallpaper Monday

so last week, Mutua Matheka approached me and asked i f i could do a  wallpaper for his wallpaper monday series on his blog. This was exciting news,so i went brainstroming on what to do. It was abit tricky as the brief was to do anything that i felt like (too much power) but it had to represent Kenya.

One day as I was walking home, it was reaally chilly, maybe about to snow and i noticed how everyone was warmly clad close to adding a blanket as an accessory, so i thought up an illustration based on this and the fact that our weather here in Nairobi is very unpredictable…and its always the other people who have a heads up on when to wear a sweater or not.

so this was the process.

I first sketched it on paper, the idea was to emulate a wide angle lens sort of view, as i wanted to present the idea in a different format from the norm.


I then inked it in photoshop, (a really slow process) the foreground was of thicker strokes and the bg was lighter, atmospheric perspective and still trying to add in more contrast between the foreground subject (main) and bg.also this was my chance to layout the illustration to how its going to look like in the end.


After this was filling in the flat colors and setting up a color scheme. I am a frequent user of colorlovers.com, it has awesome color palettes and harmonies so that helped alot to making this piece look different, this is also painstakingly a long process as you have to keep the colors subtle and ensure that the main character doesnt get lost in the collage of colors.


after this is defining some shades a little bit more, putting in some color adjustments for it to “pop” out and adding texture to fill and balance the negative space on the left.sign it and we are done


E.T.A 2.5 days on and off

tools : photoshop, wacom intuos 4, paper and pencil

It was a fun project and I am thankful for the opportunity. You can download the wallpapers here:http://mutuamatheka.co.ke/downloads/guest-wallpaper-monday-87-sirnare/

have a good week!


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