Ideas to paper cont’d

A recent shoot in Magadi inspired this piece.

I first sketch roughly the direction of the movement -as that was paramount- then filled in the details later as I was inking in Photoshop.

each character had their own solid colour pallet. I then copied the layer and added brightness to it and erased from the original image to get the shadows.
The background then came next. I chose Orange as it contrasts with the Foreground and thus got that silhouette-ey feel.
After a bit of colour adjustments to individual layers, adding  elements like the clouds, grit and Chromatic Aberration the image was complete.

Nyahururu Live

One touch live (good people) this past Monday embarked on a photography safari that would take them from Nairobi to Nyahururu. I happened to be part of the crew. It started at early morning 4:30am for the pickups and then we were ready to go by 5:00am. Our aim was to catch the sunrise at Kinare forest (we had been here before). Unfortunately for us, the sun was there but was being covered by this dense layer of cloud and fog. temperatures there were from 9C (read really cold) at some point we could hardly press the shutter. We still managed to get some shots and also had a strobe tutorial by Joe Makeni which was insightful as it was fun.

So after this we had a heavy (emphasis on the heavy part) breakfast at the Mt. Longonot viewpoint and also took some shots there. What I like about these trips is the easy feel they have, no pressure…if you see a photo take it. The polarizing filter on the 18-55mm was a great help with adding to the blue on the sky plus making the colors pop out more.

Next stop was Nyahururu for lunch which was about three hours from the viewpoint. It’s at this point in time that some of us managed to catch some sleep. Stomachs full, we then headed to Thompson’s falls which was spectacular. The descent to the foot of the falls was quite steep though and the ground not that forgiving for people who walk fast. Also one let down was that due to the size of the fall, there was a lot of spray/mist…rendering most of our cameras useless, it was a big risk to expose them to such moisture. Lake Ol Bolossat was the next spot and the end of our trip, unfortunately we did not manage to arrive there as one of the cars got stuck, so we placed our cameras aside and pushed/pulled the car out of the mud.

All in all it was one of the most taxing one touch live’s. I guess it’s all for the love of the shot 🙂

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Flash Experiment

I recently got access to a canon 580 ex II speed light. It changes the spectrum of things you can capture and adds an extra calibration to light control.

the most interesting thing is that for the first time ambient light does not determine whether or not you can shoot an event. As it can become a secondary light, meaning that things like shutter speed and the aperture are not such a big trouble any more (although they need to find a balance).

At first the flash is intimidating as half the controls don’t mean much but through research and a lot of it from the strobist blog as well as tutorials from guys at one touch. I at least had an idea of how to go around it after all this. Hoping to do more shots with it. For now this is what has been achieved.