A long trip

This past december the onetouchers embarked on a crazy adventure that took us from Nairobi, Moshi, Tanga, Shimoni, Diani and back to Nairobi again. all in 6 days. Despite the pitfalls, like car troubles, bribe hungry policemen, change of already set plans and oh the sleeping bag; note to self get a sleeping mat or two next time you go camping…all this was coupled with mad fun, spontaneous tutorials, star-gazing, long exposures and lots of swimming not with the camera of course. One highlight of the trip was the snorkeling at Kisite marine park which was awe-inspiring, the world down there is magical. Its like one big fish tank, only that there is a variety of fish other than a goldfish.and if you are lucky you might come across a dolphin or two.

for a more detailed account visit here.

Enough with the trip, here are the photos…I did a lot of HDR as i am learning more and more about it.Plus i had access to a 100mm macro (explains shots of insects)

Enjoy, comment, critic and share away 🙂


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