One touch live_Masinga

As a recce for a proposed project for Machakos county, Onetouch set out to Machakos county, with a focus on Masinga dam. Masinga Dam is an embankment dam on the Tana River, the longest river in Kenya. It straddles the border of Embu and Machakos Counties in Eastern Province and is located about 100 km northeast of Nairobi. Its managed by Tana and Athi Rivers Development Authority. We ran into some trouble for photographing the area without permission(we had permission, it had not been relayed on time). After thorough questioning at the nearest police post we were cleared and returned to camp. I have utmost respect for the police force, but this guys were special, half of the crew was drunk, flase accusations were made. The only way we managed to get out of there was that they could not build a good case as every one had different stories about what we had supposedly done. All in all it was quite an experience. Due to this, the next day, Machakos county offered us an escort who showed us around this part of their county. Below are some pictures I captured, enjoy and have a nice week 🙂



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