Hells Gate

On sartuday i got a chance to visit hells gate national park. Its a really nice place and has remarkable sites.

I think i spotted a girrafe among the wild animals as we drove by. Transport in the park can be either by foot, bicycle or vehicle. It was an awesome experience and here are some of the images i was able to capture. On my way out of the park i passed through the Olkaria geothermal plant which spans over a huge area as there is alot of geothermal activity in the area…no need for instant showers there.

special thanks to my copilot and google maps…making adventures possible..since…well since they invented it. Enjoy and feel free to share, critic, like and comment below 🙂


Ideas to paper

Its been a while since I posted, I guess that post-more-often goal is not being taken seriously :). Regardless, today i woke up with an idea on my mind, inspired mostly by the recent shoot safaris dubbed #shootingkenya  by the good guys at One touch live. Workflow was as usual, sketch, scan,Ink ,contemplate whether or not to color then close the deal.I was inspired by work from Kim Jung Gi. Really good illustrator. Plus Asian art in general, the balance between simplicity and detail awes me.