1st model shoot

A few weeks ago i had the opportunity to shoot some upcoming models. Armed with the speedlight, a reflector and the trusty t2i i ventured forth.

I would say the biggest challenge would have been the lighting as the rechagable batteries failed me a couple of times.

Here are the shots. Enjoy 🙂


Colors and Customs

October 10th. From Namanga to Kiserian. a task to document a union of two families. Rich in culture and colors , a different streak from the norms of marriage ceremonies we haveve encountered.

I was a second shooter, the best bit was that i had access to a 70-200mm lens. Heaven i tell you 🙂 viva la bokeh.. Also used the 50mm alot as well. also since i wasnt focused on the event i managed to get alot of random shots, some even timed out.

Enjoy your week.