Lake Chala revisit

Hello. It’s been a minute. My photography had taken a back seat of late. I had to focus on studying traditional animation both for work and as a personal skill/goal. That has gone well 🙂 … So time was created for a trip with onetouch to revisit Lake Chala. It’s a revisit as we had been there before. You can view the link to the pics here.

We had to use the Tanzanian route to get to the Lake. That meant using the Oloitokitok Boarder. We camped at Lake Chala Safari Lodge and Campsite, one of the best campsites I’ve been to. They had hot showers! and great staff that made sure we had a campfire every night. Most times that is up to you.. so props to the management for good service. From the campsite, it’s a short hike to the lake.

On our way back, we passed by the Kikuletwa/ Chemka Hotsprings. A small natural swimming pool. The hot spring part was an oversell as it was room temperature. The fish in the water gave a free pedicure though 🙂 We enjoyed ourselves a bit too much and left there late (5 pm) which meant arriving back to Nairobi at 4 am!

It was a very relaxing experience. I believe for every creative it’s a good idea to step out of your workstation for a bit, enjoy nature/ interact with people and come back rejuvenated with ideas and a clear mind. I am hoping to do more trips before the year ends and with that take more photos.

One thing that stood out for me from the trip was how different things are when you cross the border… the road, the environment, the people. it’s surreal. For example, in Tanzania, the roads have a million and one speed bumps, with regular bumps, sprinkled in between for good measure. A tip for traveling there with your own vehicle is having;

1. Original Log book ( for when you want to enter the country with one border point eg. Oloitokitok {TZ side the port is called Tarakea – they take offense if you call it Oloitokitok) and come back with another eg. Namanga) 2. Comesa Insurance 3. Make sure the car is under your name. If it’s in another person’s name, carry a copy of their i.d card and a letter saying that they are in consent with you leaving the country with their car.

2. Comesa Insurance – this can be purchased at the border. Some agents will present themselves.

3. Make sure the car is under your name. If it’s in another person’s name, carry a copy of their i.d card and a letter saying that they are in consent with you leaving the country with their car. Another point to note is to make sure the car is under the appropriate name in the KRA records, as it’s a KRA agents who gives you the letter/form that allows you to pass with your car.

4. Observe and keep to the speed limits. Don’t drive wearing sandals. Be patient. Make sure you and all your passengers are wearing safety belts.

Enjoy the pics!

October Sketches

It’s been a minute since I posted here. I was amused that I remembered the password 😀 Life happens. You go with the flow and adapt as you go. I have been sketching a lot lately. Mostly figure drawing and faces – so many faces in an attempt to get better at drawing the human form

It slowly pays off when you are consistent. A 30-minute sketch sprint daily can do wonders. There are times I forget what got me there but when you retrace the steps it makes sense.

Below are a mix of sketches. studies and notes from courses I am taking like the “how to draw anatomy” by Aaron Blaise as well as Pinterest pins on poses that I find challenging. Bodies in motion and Senshi stock is also a good resource as it has timed poses that force you to capture the essence/gesture of a pose and not to get to carried away by details. I hope this inspires you to pick a pencil and doodle away, don’t think too much of it and as the pencil wanders on the page, let your mind unwind.

Happy new month!


At the beginning of this month, as onetouch we decided to head to Mutindwa market, the areas of Jericho and Umoja. Our aim was to capture images of Kenyans working in different scenarios with their hands and making a honest living out of it. Most of them have been able to school their children to university and take care of their families from their daily endeavors. It was awesome interacting with them and hearing their stories.  This are some of the images captured.

You can also view a short film about the excursion here. courtesy of Okwi

Captions are on every image. Enjoy!